Friday, February 29, 2008

Early morning meetings bring hope and prosperity.

Ever woke up and said... "Yes we can". lol. Yeah that's what I said today. Yes we can to prosperity. Yes we can to hope. Yes we can to... Can I have medium double double? Thank you. Now I got my game face on and I'm ready to make some serious coin.
Pretty good game face eh? Yeah I thought so too. You can never really be to prepared. Which brings me to my first piss off of the day. Ang burnt her hand really bad at work today, which is a resort restaurant, and they had nothing to heal burns with. What a joke. I had to go to Walmart to buy aloe for her. What kind of restaurant doesn't have some sort of burn cream on hand at all times. To me that is pathetic.
Well that is neither here nor there now. Next, after Ang and I picked up Bianca we went to store 54 because I am putting new retail products in the store. I don't know if I have ever really expressed my feelings about store 54 but I am today.
When I started in the program a year ago I thought that the concept of helping young entrepreneurial people like myself was going to be awesome. Which for the most it has been. But there are a few problems with the program that without being fixed, are going to destroy every single persons experience before they even begin.
I have tried to put forward motions to change the current issues but have had little resolve. I am at the point right now where I realize that there is really nothing I can do, unless I do the things that I have been trying to get people to stop doing. Sort of if you cant beat them join them. But this is much more than that.
Let me paint a picture for you. 1 beautiful retail space. And eight young entrepreneurial people running eight separate businesses. They all have to share one space. The rules are, there are no rules. And that in a nut shell is Store 54. Complete chaos all the time.
I sometimes wonder if this program is for young entrepreneurial people like myself, people that what to succeed in the business world. But I sometimes have to stop and wonder if this program is nothing more than a case study in which statistics are gathered. Why would you want to set up a program that caused more chaos and confusion for people that are trying to learn.
I want resolution. And that resolution is:
1. Virtual sections that rotate on a weekly or monthly basis.
2. Front window display rotation.
3. More team building exercises that get us to work together instead of against each other.
I feel that all of these requests are quite valid. And I hope that the decision will be made extremely soon. I know that there are other people in the program that feel the same way I do.
Its just common sense!
Enough of the rant... This is what I am going to do until those decisions are made. I am going to take advantage of the no rules policy, and I'm going to do what ever I want, when ever I want to do. Because there are no consequences set up for my future actions. Peacefully I will have resolve.
Until next time... Peace

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Building a website is...

Well, it can be rewarding, but it can also be frustrating. There are so many things that have to be done, and to top it all off, I worked on something for like 3 hours and decided I hated it so I scraped it. Keep it simple. That is what I have to remember. I am a self taught webmaster so it is really hit and miss sometimes. One day I will pay someone to manage my sites so I can focus on the creative aspect of Cammy

Here are some pics of me working on the site.

Drinking coffee and working on a website go hand and hand.

This is my current office.... Your lucky you go to see it. Not many people do.

Lunch break. We'll pick this up again later.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Getting out of the Doghouse Breakfeast.

Hey guy, this one is just for you. Lets say your in a long term relationship and your in trouble. Or maybe you just need to get something from your significant other. You know like its only been 3 weeks or something... Well here's what to do. Make them breakfast. Yes it is that simple. But to seal the deal even more, make sure the kitchen has to be cleaned before you start. And that both you and your partner are well aware that the dishes have to be done.

This is what you are going to need. Sausage... ( I'll let you think up something funny about your partner eating sausage. )

You will also need some potatoes. I like the pre-sliced canned potatoes.

Then put them on your grill. We use the George Foreman G-5.

I like to season the potatoes with these spices, but they really don't need much more than a bit of salt and pepper. HINT: More spice = more points for effort.

Ok, now let them cook on a medium heat. Just set it and forget it. lol. Remember the messy kitchen I showed you earlier?

Clean while your potatoes and sausage are cooking.

Good job! Now its on to the eggs. Move your potatoes over and crack the eggs onto the grill. Once again, Eggs secretly means Effort to a woman. So if one or two eggs break, its ok.

Now you have to make some toast, and if you can manage make some smoothies. ( IF you make a smoothy you score big time with your partner.)

TIP: Smoothies are really easy to make if you use a magic bullet.

Ok, your almost done. All you have to do is finish the eggs the way your partner likes them and plate your food. Wow!!! That's a breakfast!

Try it, and I bet you will feel a sigh of relief!

Until next time... Peace

Monday, February 25, 2008

Time well spent: A Father and Daughter True Canadian Story

When you have to spend 2 whole days alone with your little baby girl, who is just about three, you have to find things to do. Bianca and I decided to make a Canadian snow fort. You dont need much to do that:

1. Nice warm day with paki snow. lol
2. A shovel
3. A recycling bin
4. Lots of Ambition.

Start by packing snow into the recycling bin.

Then you have to flip it over and lift it off just like your making a sand castle.

And Repeat...

We stopped after that, and turned it into a snowman. lol.

All and all it was a great day. The End. ( Of this Post. )

Monday morning to-do's.

When I woke up this morning I had completely lost all hearing in one of my ears.

Then about an hour later I gained back 100% of my hearing... Thank God.

I was in the car early to drop of a flyer for the Feed the Children charity.

I decided to drop one off at Store 54. ( The Youth Entrepenurial program I am in. )

The center of the front display looks like a good spot to put it. Everyone is sure to see it.]

Then I was off again to go and look at the new Cammy Headquarters location.

Its a beatiful building and I have everything all planned out.

While I was daydreaming, Ang called and asked if I would pick up Mcdonalds breakfeast for her and Bianca. I also got myself somethings.

After breakfeast I didnt feel so good. lol.

Until next Time... Peace

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Charity Planning at Cammy Head-Quater

Feed the Children is the next charity event that we are helping out with this month. Cammy is help by donating time by Hosting the event. ( We also made the flyer... lol )

Adam and I looking cool after sweating over flyer info placement.

Kim is organizing the event.

Angela from Host and Home was there hanging out too.

Cammy is going to be video taping the event. We are also taking the opportunity to film a live performance for Crozier. ( The upcoming music video ).

Hope to see you their!

Until Next time... Peace

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