Monday, March 24, 2008

I went to space today

Yeah, I just got the sweetest job. The pay isn't that great, but the job itself is very rewarding. It is very humbling to be in space looking down on Earth. But there are some strange things up in space. Things normal human beings that are part of society are not suppose to know about. I've decided to forget about the oath I took not to reveal the truth about our galaxy. And here is a video to prove that I was in space.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I want summer!

Dear summer,

I cannot wait for you much longer. I want to be outside at the beach, or in the garden. Perhaps just relaxing in the back yard. Having some beers with a BBQ. Running through the sprinkler. Filling Bianca's pool with water. Please come sooner than last year.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Early Bird Gets more than the worm!

I have just recently enjoyed the benefits of getting up before the sun. For some reason every time I do, I embrace the day, I up my productivity, and usually something fantastic happens for me.

Now when I get up at like 8:30am, I find myself getting mad at... Myself. Why? Because I just wasted 2 hours of the day. Yes it is hard getting up at the crack of dawn, but I think that I feel way better for doing so.

I encourage you to get up at 6am too! Its great for the soul, and the Universe loves the early bird. Think about how productive that is for a moment. I actually get up before the sun gets up. And really, if we want to get deep for a moment, the sun is like God. It looks over us every day, and it gives all living things life. And I get up before it. Ha!

Well to make a long blog short, I just talked to Crozier about making his music video, and we are going to be going out on Friday to shoot it. And Friday is suppose to be a beautiful day. Rock on!

Until next time... Peace,

Friday, March 14, 2008

What is Life all about?

Sometimes I think that I know it all. I think that I have every answer figured out. But then I have a moment... Something that makes me think other wise. I had a great day today, and tomorrow will go even better, that I know. For some reason today I noticed things about our world. Things that made perfect sense to me in the past, somehow didn't make any sense to me today.

I have decided that "Society is the perfect structure". It is designed so brilliantly! Everything we know and love is part of that structure. And these are the rules. We all have to work. We all have to buy, rent and spend money. That's where the perfect structure begins.

Working is the most important part of the structure. If no one worked, where would we be as a society? Would we be as advanced as we are today? Would anyone experience mega wealth? Its really hard to say. That's why its important to mankind that we continue to work hard, so that we can continue to grow as a civilization.

Here's my favourite part. The more you work, the more you get... Money that is. You know, God's green nectar. The one thing that everyone wants including myself. What would be the point of living if there was no such thing as money. What would you live for? Life would be empty. And that is sad.

Don't thinks its true? Think about this for a moment. Your walking down the street, and someone offers you five hundred dollars cash. How do you feel? You feel damn good right? I would, I mean that's five hundred bucks to spend on something I want. Money has really become the one thing that makes us happy anymore. And that's because everything we desire costs money. lol.

Yeah that's right, everything. Some might say, "Well Love doesn't cost money!", and I would say to them, "Your right. Love doesn't cost money", but the consequences surrounding Love do. The engagement ring, the house, the cars, the possible children. But don't worry... You can work and make the money right? Yeah yeah... I'll do it in a minute.

Until nextime... Peace

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Feed the Children Charity Event

It was a beautiful day to be outside. And everyone was ready to feed the children. Inside the bar there was lots of stuff going on too. I was co-hosting the event. And when I wasn't on stage I was taking pictures. So that's why I'm not in any of the following pics.... You can just pretend that your looking through my eyes, and your seeing what I saw. Enjoy!

Angela from Host and Home was having alot of fun making cotton candy. lol.

There were tons of great games for the kids to enjoy.

They could even decorate their own cup cakes.

And who doesn't like getting their face painted? Nobody I know!

DJ Lenny was outside spinning the beats for the kids and playing requests for donations.

It was a great day, and alot of money was raised to support the Salvation Army of Grey Bruce and Simcoe county. Everyone involved did a fantastic job. Kim, the organizer of the event deserves a big round of applause. An event like this is not an easy task to organize, especially when your working a full time job too. Great Job Kim! I hope we can have another fund raiser next year.

Until next time... Peace,

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A lesson in returning a phone call

How many times should you leave a message if someone you are trying to get a hold of still hasn't returned your call? I'm not sure, but I do know this, if someone calls you, call them back. I say this because I am now learning the frustration that a person can go through if you don't return their phone call. I left my first message on Sunday and it is now Wednesday. What the shit?

Until next time... Peace,

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A day full of Joy!

Its almost 9pm on Tuesday... Recap is... What a great day!

Bianca and I made Spanish omelets with bacon and homefries.

Ang made coffee for us and came to take the breakfast to the table after I yelled, " Order Up " lol.

After Breakfast we all went outside for a walk to the beach... Well the winter beach.

In Canada the snow gets really really deep.

Then I had a very productive meeting at Store 54. Great changes are on the way. Woot Woot!

Until next time... Peace,

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Pre-Production Meeting

My crew tells me this is the one picture that truly reflects the way I look; my body language etc., during every single film production meeting. Ah, I'm just trying to emulate one of my role models. (Mike Myers is from Scarborough, ON and so am I...born on the 2nd floor of the hospital...could be very lucky.) So...what does this photo say about me? Have your say. Leave me a comment. Peace, Cam.

Things to do today: Start Media Showcase Investigation

You know when you talk to an older person like a grandfather? They are always looking out for you, or trying to give you advise. It really is nice to have that, but honestly, my grandfather who is a great man, is out of touch with reality. He can work a computer, but doesn't understand the new age philosophy of honest blogging.

Everything I put out on the Internet is to far out there for him, and I'm sure that goes the same for a lot of people. He just finished telling me to edit out some of the content that was in my last blog post... "No way Grampa" I said. "The internet is for the honest, the real and opionative person. I believe that one day very soon, our lives will only exist on the world wide web."

And really... It already does for alot of people. Take the new website Weblo for example. You can buy anything you want, right up to your neighbors house. And your using real money. Buying and selling virtual property? Sounds cool. And it is!

So this is what he was trying to tell me:

He said that I should not use people or businesses names because it was unfair to them. But if I cant use their name, how can I warn others like myself about something. They would have no idea what I was talking about. I shouldn't even make a blog post. It would be like warning someone not to enter a certain room, and then not telling them what room it was. I feel that I am not saying anything bad about anyone or any establishment, I am merely expressing a personal opinion that I have based on truth and fact.

I don't know, maybe I'm out of line. Maybe you could let me know. Here's the first part of the investigation. Enjoy!

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Media Showcase or Shameless Promotion?

Get ready for a week long rant. Normally I wouldn't get upset at a media festival because I know that artistic expression is seen differently through certain peoples eyes. But this media festival is the worst artistic festival I have ever been too. I have never seen so many un-talented videos in my life. How can someone that is fucking snowshoeing to copyrighted music win a fucking prize?

Yes I am going to investigate this faux paw. What a joke. First of all, for those that read my blog on a ongoing basis, which I can gladly say is about 250 people per day and growing, I will be starting my investigation on Monday and continue until Thursday. I will be blogging and making Youtube videos. I will be calling certain people responsible for the festival like the marketing team at Blue Mountain, and I will be trying to get a hold of the President of VW.

I need some answers. I'm sure some of you are wondering why I'm so disturbed. Its not because I didn't win anything, I don't care about that. Its because this is the second year that this festival has been running and instead of it getting better, it got worse. And that is because the people running the festival wouldn't know talent if it punch them in the friggin head.

I entered the festival last year with a film that I made the day before the deadline was due. Why did I leave it to the last minute? Because the stupid idiots don't advertise these events, and nobody talks about them. I happen to find out the first year just by chance. And for the record, there were only 8 films entered, and I didn't win yet again, which I was ok with, seeing as I had only made the video the day before and their was no plot or story line.

So then this year came along and I went to the website a month before the festival should start. I was lucky and the festival started later in the year then last year. Sweet! I'll take my time and write something spectacular. Which I did. Then I entered it. That's when my disturbia started.

There were no guide lines to what kind of content was going to be allowed in the festival, other than no coarse language or explicit behaviour. So I abided by those rules and created "Interventions of a Third Kind". ( This video is based on a true story, and you can view it at the bottom of this post. )

This year at the festival they were only going to view the top 5 films. Which I was certain my video was in the top 5, I mean it is excellent. But anyway, we all went to the festival for the top 5 screening which started at 8pm on Friday night and ended at 10:30pm. It was freezing cold. Like minus 20 with the wind shield factor. And there was maybe 100-150 people there ( probably because of the cold weather ). So we waited and waited and waited. Then the screenings started. And the first four films played. (They played two videos, then a band came on and then they played two more videos. ) My video had yet to play. So I was expecting it to come on next.... And guess what?

They only played four videos. They were suppose to play 5. What happen? And the four videos that they did play, ( No offence to the people that made them ) but the videos were people snow boarding and snow shoeing and 3 out of 4 of them had copyrighted music in them. That's a big no no. And how fucking boring it was watching these stupid videos that took absolutely no artistic talent to make. Every time one of these boring videos came on more and more people left the outdoor facility. At least my video would have made people stay because there was some content in it to pay attention to.

The video that won first place, which was done well, was entered in the festival last year. Yeah, the exact same video. So that would mean that only 5 videos were entered this year? Which would mean that number had come down from 8 videos last year to 5 videos this year? Which would mean that other artists like my self were not willing to put their hard work in a bogus festival that rewarded people for having no artistic ability? Pretty fucked up eh?

It is also probably good to mention that the bands that played were excellent, and every band said the word "fuck" or "fucking cold" at least once. And every one at the festival was old enough to deal with the content that was in my video.

Yesterday I was mad and upset. Now I'm ready to go out and get some answers. Get ready because here is who I will be contacting this week:

1. Blue Mountain marketing team
2. The president of VW
3. The president of Telus
4. Alcohol/Drug Abuse Hotline1-800-662-HELP

I want to leave you with this paragraph from the festival web page, they talk about why
Jozo Weider started this festival ( The guy that started Blue Mountain ).

"The Multimedia Showcase at Blue Mountain Resort is an innovative forum to encourage artistic expression through multiple forms. Inspired by the creative interests of Blue Mountain Resort's founder Jozo Weider, an avid supporter of the arts, the event hosts an array of artists showcasing exhibits that unite graphic design, film/video, photography, and street media. Since 2003, Blue Mountain Resort has hosted the Showcase, drawing increasing interest from artists and multimedia enthusiasts across Ontario." (Note: The last line is pure Bullshit )

And as funny as that is I just realized that the festival started in 2003. I only found out about it two years ago. Why don't you advertise this more? Never forget that artists made the world we live in. Everything we have is because of artists. Stop rewarding people with no artistic talent, or the festival will fail, just like it is right now. Give your heads a shake, and wake up.

Until next time... Peace

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