Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Crozier (Buy the CD)

All the way from Stayner, Ontario. Where the hell is Stayner? Between Creemore and Wasaga Beach (1.5 hours north of the Toronto Airport - just follow the damn road all the way north and you'll find it - don't blink)

Way to go Crozier. Also find them here.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kevin Federline Retains Custody

Please tell me how this is possible. K-Fed shown on the left.


You can tell by the look on their faces. It's wild! Watch it HERE - just scroll down a few posts to find it!

Production Wrap Party - "24"

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The 24th Rebirth

Let the Party Begin! Welcome to Our 24th Rebirth (virtual bash)

She didn't have the courage to come and join us. Did you know she has a shy side? Who knew?
Obama is letting loose. Gosh he's been working hard. Remember, what happens here, stays here.
Our good friend Troy with his cake he baked. How sweet. You can have some later. Yes, later.
You will be going home with these adorable Pee & Poo toys in our loot bag.
don't go there....
Sure glad we don't need to see this landscape again. Yuck.

Look who just arrived!

Gladys the local school bus driver decorated our table..
Bubby and the Aunties have shown up to brag...
Dude. You're a stud....
For God's sake, put your underwear on.
Want to hold me?
Oh look. King Stephen. (in case you don't know him: He's our Prime Minister - trying hard to bore us all to death....
Went in the guest bedroom to put some coats in there. Billy, can you give it a rest. Hillary's behind the curtain.
Part of the loot bag...for your desk at work for tomorrow!
That one nurse is a pervert....
The couple in the next bed....

What a Team!

Their scrubs are so beachy looking. Thanks guys...
You've all been patient (no pun intended) Glad you laughed your ass off...
Another loot bag gift for you!
Now hear this (ass)....leave my stomach alone...
Glad you warmed it up....
I vision I will never forget....

Cigar anyone?
Thank goodness we bought two boxes...
Price of oil or smoking oil?

You Gotta Love a Baby Face

10 Toes...
Baby in the next crib.....wonder who is father is...
Glad you couldn't make it to the party (bastard)
My new flying goggles.
Bush, you're such an ass wipe.
He lifted the ban on the internet today, so his people could watch the Rebirth.
Dr. Who?
Glad you enjoyed the video....
E is for ewwwww....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Shocking Production (Don't cha think?)

Thanks to the whole crew! A toast to my Mom. Here's to you Mom.
My Nanny knit this for me. Only got one???

Adam Sandler and the boys have just arrived. Get the beer! It's a Boy!
Who brought this tacky piece of shit?
Did the video get your blood pressure going???
Miss Kitty made this cute cupcakes...ahhhhh
Ahhhh...and little beach cupcakes...
don't prick your finger on the way out....Thanks for coming! Hope you all had a good time!
Cammy Productions!